About The Owner

About The Owner: Grace Rizza, the owner of Identity Dental Marketing, has experience working internally as a marketing director for 2 dental offices. During her time as director, she made it her mission to improve business by a measurable amount. In her first position as head of marketing, she tripled the number of new patients seen on a monthly basis (in 3 short months, on the same marketing budget). From there, she created a variety of sales focused presentations for the entire staff. She attended a variety of marketing seminars and became obsessed with dental marketing and branding as a whole.

Prior to her dental marketing experience, she graduated with honors in Advertising with a curriculum focus in advanced copywriting, which laid a solid foundation for her future. She gained experience writing for the American Red Cross of Southeastern Wisconsin. From there, she furthered her experience at a Chicago Graphic Design Company. With a desire to learn more about marketing, Grace took a hands-on sales position in the competitive environment of downtown Chicago.

Grace has experience in the creation and execution of marketing strategies, public and community relations, networking, patient communications, staff sales training, phone scripting and training, advertising, internet/web presence, SEO (search engine optimization), direct mail programs, email newsletters, and much more.

Dental Marketing is her passion and she is committed to providing each of her clients with a superior marketing and consulting experience.


Our Process


First, we'll identify your specific niche. Each office has unique strengths and weaknesses. We'll also identify your competition and evaluate your region. By identifying where you stand, we'll have more success in growing your business.



Next, we identify what you've done in the past and what your competition is doing. We'll come up with a roadmap and prioritize your efforts based on which suggestions are most needed and which have the highest ROI.



We'll train your staff on the importance of tracking. We'll plan incremental meetings where we'll evaluate the success of your efforts.

About Our Team

  • About The Web Developer
    Joshua Kitchener began his career in web development in 1997 by launching a novel image hosting company. Since then, he has broadened his skills set to include virtually every web programming language and graphics applications. A rarity who can design as well as program, he has been the lead developer of the popular website Spaceweather.com for over a decade. Joshua spends his time taking care of his small aviary of exotic parrots, watching historical documentaries, and indulging his love for art.
  • With Joshua's capabilities, if you can imagine it, we can create it.
  • About The Designer
    Elsie has a passion for design. Her logo, flyer and website designs turn heads and work seamlessly with our proven internet marketing strategies. Elsie is meticulous and efficient. She has the ability to produce the highest quality of work, on time...everytime.


Our Philosophy

We've recognized that dental care is a widely needed service in our country. Many people suffer from dental anxiety. Many children do not have access to dental care. We believe this is largely because of the old reputation of dentistry.


There's a growing number of dentists in the United States. Fortunately, if every single person in our country received proper dental care, each and every one of our dental offices would be jam-packed!


We help your patients and future patients WANT the dental care they NEED.


How We're Different

Personal Attention.

Whether you need a brief second opinion or your have an immediate pressing concern, we're here for you. Our small staff means you often deal directly with the business owner. Your success is our success.


Dental Experience.

Having worked in the dental office, we understand the unique obstacles you face on a regular basis. We have the ability to provide a complete list of marketing services and consulting that specifically relates to you.


Proven Strategies.

We don't just make suggestions, we make suggestions that work. We're confident that our suggestions will bring a measureable increase in business, new patients and organization for your dental practice.