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Dental Marketing - Why Web Design Matters


By: Tony Soverino of Identity Dental Marketing


The design of your website is the most critical part to your online success. Your patients can get a feel on how your entire practice operates, simply by looking at your website. Anybody can design a website. However, if the design is poor, then the value and importance of your site drops drastically. Bad design means less patients!


Patients will visit your website to obtain information about you (and/or your practice) quickly. It is critical that your website is designed in a fashion that allows patients of all ages to navigate your information without getting confused. If your patients get confused while navigating your site, they will most likely X out and move to the next dentist.


What should you do if your website isn’t working for you? There are countless ways that you can improve the design of your entire website and see positive results! Here are some very helpful tips that will ensure the design of your website if top notch.


Make your logo a link to your home page.

This allows patients to easily return to the home page if they may have trouble finding an alternative way back. This also will allow patients to see your logo more, and in return, remember your image/name in the future.


Make your content a larger font.
Some patients visiting your website may be older, and not be able to see your content if the font size is too small. This is a very common mistake designers make, and is a quick fix.


Organize your layout.
Patients want information to be clearly layed out on your website. Afterall, they are on your site to learn more about you! If information is scattered or cluttered, you can kiss that patient goodbye!


Use a color scheme that is similar to your logo, office and branding.

This is important to develop an image for yourself. If your office is painted yellow and green, then don’t use red and blue for your color scheme on your website. Continuity goes a long way. Your patients will see you as more professional if your website looks like it!


Doing just these simple things will improve the design of your website dramatically. Your patients will obtain the information easily, and in return, you will gain their trust…and business! If you need a website for your practice, contact us today!